• IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF CORONA VIRUS, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SALON! Do not come to your appointment if you or anyone in your household has symptoms or has tested positive of Covid 19. You will NOT be charged for cancelled appointments due to CoronaVirus.
  • Social distancing is required whenever possible.
  • All staff are fully trained to care for our clients in a safe, hygienic and professional manner. If you require us to wear PPE, including a face mask please let us know before your visit.
  • We will need you to adhere to our health and safety measures throughout your visit.
  • Use the hand gel provided on arriving and leaving the premises.
  • The salon will be cleaned regularly throughout the day, in between clients, as well as at the beginning and the end of the day.
  • All staff will be checked to see if they have symptoms or if anyone in their household has symptoms of Corona Virus and if so, will not be allowed to attend work.
  • Please attend your appointment alone and bring minimal belongings with you.
  • Clients who are accompanied by children are reminded that they are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines.
  • The salon is well ventilated, with doors and windows being kept open as much as possible.
  • Our lavatory is available to staff and clients only. It is kept clean throughout the day and is cleaned after every time it is used.

Additional Information

  • We have to carry out a patch test for all new clients having a hair or beauty colouring service at least 48 hours beforehand. We also have to carry out a patch test every 6 months and after you have had any Covid 19 vaccinations, including the booster. Please get in touch if you would like more information or think you may be due your patch test.
  • There will be neck rests on all of our hairwash basins for your comfort.
  • We will be carrying out a hair and beauty consultation before every chemical service. Please ask for more details.
  • Please inform us if you colour your own hair at home in between hair appointments, if you have recently had a henna tattoo or if there are any other relevant information changes in between chemical services

If you have any queries or concerns about coming into the salon, please feel free to email us or call 01242 239056 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We thank you for your co operation and we look forward to seeing you to give you some well deserved pampering.